Hello World, again!

A new year has started and I figured this would be a great time to clean things up. Of course, by clean things up I mean completely start fresh with a new domain, new look and new system. I will be leaving up my old blog in read-only mode just for archive purposes. There are a few select posts over the past year or two that I will move over (and update as needed) soon however this is pretty much a clean start and an attempt to stay active with writing.

With the new blog I have dropped WordPress for the first time in who knows how many years of using it. I grew tired of WordPress and how bulky it was for what I used it for. I found myself using very few plugins and I wrote most of the posts in HTML vs the wysiwyg. I went looking for something that was going to be fast, lightweight and flexible. I explored a few options and finally jumped into Jekyll. Jekyll is a static site generator that lets you write posts in html, textile or markdown. This is also the same engine behind GitHub Pages. I loved the ideal of not having my posts in a database and keeping such a simple structure. Jekyll was extremely easy to use and with the help of Jekyll Bootstrap, I had the new site up and running. I haven't found myself limited by the system in any way. On a side note: this site is hosted and served up by GitHub. Feel free to check out the repo and browse the code, the site is MIT Licensed besides posts and images.

This year should be a busy one, with my wife graduating from nursing school in December and our inevitable move at the same time. I have a few projects that need to get finished and several to get off the ground over the next several months and really want to put more effort and focus into writing.