Why SOPA and PIPA Must Die

Andy Baio:

Imagine, instead, a world where a bill like SOPA or PIPA passes. A copyright holder could bypass due process entirely, demanding that search engines stop linking to my sites, ad providers drop me, and force DNS providers not to resolve my domain name. All in the name of stopping piracy.

The chilling effect would be huge.

Every online community that allows for community-contributed content -- discussion forums, imageboards, Usenet newsgroups, photo sharing communities, video sites, and many more -- would be forced to pre-emptively self-censor, shut down, or risk getting blown off the net entirely.

That fucking sucks.

There are so many reason to oppose SOPA and PIPA. Google has setup a great take action page: End Piracy, Not Liberty. For a completely different approach to the internet wide blackout, leave it up to theoatmeal.com.