Drought Boilerplate Review


There is no shortage of boilerplates and frameworks that web developers can choose from to use in their projects. I don’t know about you, but I have usually felt like many of these frameworks were bloated and sometimes difficult to understand.

That’s why I have fallen in love with the Drought boilerplate from James Fleeting. I could say Drought is a stripped down boilerplate that lets you get right into development, but that wouldn’t be a completely fair assessment. So, please allow me to explain by breaking down Drought into the three main components of any website: HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Drought is finally growing up. I pushed out v3.0 last week and today it gets its first review. Eric Binnion over at DesignSnack.com gave Drought lots of love today so a huge thanks to Eric for the writeup. I will also be showing off a little of Drought on Monday, November 19th at Refresh Wichita Falls as part of a resource roundtable event.