Drought v3.0... Now with LESS

Earlier this year I posted an introduction to Drought, my barebones HTML/CSS project. What started out several years ago as a few snippets of code that I would reuse on each project has now hit v3.0.

I've been using LESS for several months now and finally updated the CSS in Drought to use LESS, including some great mixins to avoid those pesky vendor prefixes. I've cleaned up the HTML including the head, made a few CSS changes, added formalize for basic cross browser form styling, and updated all the things.

I have more plans for Drought and hope to get those pushed out early next year. My goal is still to keep the project simple. It isn't a boilerplate for all, just some defaults and structure that work great for me. Even if you don't use Drought, I encourage you to roll out your own boilerplate that is custom to your workflow. Check out Drought on GitHub.