Hello Austin, TX

As of a few days ago we are officially residents of Austin, Texas. Back in 2007 we set a plan into motion that included Melissa starting nursing school at Midwestern State University and then when she graduated we would move to either the Dallas or Austin area. After several long years, she graduated a few weeks ago and we made the move to Austin.

This marks a big change for us and hopefully a good one. She is in the process of getting her RN license now and starting her nursing career and I'm looking forward to the new opportunities that Austin has to offer. We figured what better way than to start the new year with a new adventure. Although we are not in Wichita Falls anymore, I am going to continue my role as senior developer at CRANE | WEST for now.

As we get settled over the next few weeks I'll be getting back into the swing of things including releasing updates to a few projects and finally getting a few more off the ground with John Hoover.