Electra Townie Bicycle

I've been wanting to get a bike for about two years now but was never sure what to get and honestly hadn't ridden one since high school so I kept putting it off. Then we moved to Austin and that all changed. There are so many great trails and areas to ride in Austin that I had to get a bicycle asap. I still didn't know anything about bikes, what I needed, how gears really worked, and what the price range would be.

I turned to Bicycle Sport Shop here in Austin and Jason was extremely helpful in answering my questions, recommending a few different bikes that would work for me, and ultimately pointing me in the right direction. One of his recommendations was the Electra Townie bicycle which is such a beautiful bike. I gave it some thought, did some more research, and was set on getting myself a Townie. I knew I had to get it from Jason since he was so helpful and patient with all my questions.

Electra Townie 21D

I got lucky and BSS was getting ready to have their Spring Sale which meant some decent savings. I waited about a week for the sale and headed down there as soon as they opened to find myself a bike. They had exactly the one I wanted, a silver Electra Townie 21D, which you can see above. The staff got me setup with a few things I would need including some coupons for free tune ups and discounts on service if needed.

I've had the bike for a little bit now and have ridden it just about every day. I absolutely love this bike. Granted I have nothing to compare it to with it being my first but it is a lot of fun to ride and comfortable. I've taken it to a few trails nearby and so far it has been the best purchase. I can't thank Jason and the staff at Bicycle Sport Shop enough. Now to get the wife a bike so we can go ride together.