First New Car

Dodge Dart

We bought our first new car last week. We have had two fairly old and problematic vans for the past few years, along with my Camaro which spent more time on a trailer and in a backyard then it ever did on the road. We debated and thought about it for awhile and figured it was time we get a new vehicle. We like to do weekend road trips and try to make a trip to Kansas fairly often so having a more reliable and comfortable car was something we really needed. Since this was our first time really buying a car worth anything we had no clue what we were doing. After a lot of browsing around, debating between cars, and lots of Googling we both agreed we loved the 2013 Dodge Dart Limited.

We loved the features on the Dart plus the price was right in the range we wanted to be at and still add on some extra features we wanted. We have had it for a week now and absolutely love it. Coming from two vans that were so loud on the highway that you couldn't listen to Spotify if you wanted to, this thing is so quiet! I was a little worried about the leg room considering our vehicles before but it has a lot more then I expected and don't feel confined at all. Overall it was a great purchase and something we needed. Now if I could get the wife the convertible Beetle she wants, she might let me try this new one more often.