Sublime Packages

I've used Sublime Text for almost two years now and have to be honest that I rarely use any packages. I think I have two or three installed that I actually use daily and a few others I forget are there. Some I used before were replaced when I started using grunt awhile back. That said I'm always checking out new packages to see how they might fit into my workflow.

Sublime Packages makes that easy with a searchable index of packages hosted on Github and easy to install with Package Control (a must have anyways). With over a thousand packages listed so far it is worth at least checking out. The site seems to be a little slow right now but I think that is due to high traffic from it making the rounds on Twitter.

I currently use AdvancedNewFile, CSScomb, DocBlockr, Gist, Side Bar, SublimeTODO and of course my favorite is GitGutter. SublimeTODO is one of my most used and you can see the preferences I have set for it on my dotfiles repo. What Sublime packages are you using?