Monkee-Boy Gets a New Site

The entire Monkee-Boy troop has been hard at work the past year on our own redesign and we are proud to say it is now live! We wanted our site to showcase our talented team, our amazing clients, and of course our culture. This was an intense and fun collaboration where every person on the team touched the site in some aspect.

It's really hard to pick my favorite part of the new site so I'll pick three instead. The Troop page is great. It shows off the company culture, our personalities, and how much fun we have working with each other. The portfolio page was also fun to see come together as a great way to showcase our responsive sites. Finally the blog is a major highlight of the new site. We have huge plans for the blog moving forward and the new design gives us the flexibility to do everything we want.

I've never had more fun on a project and it's all thanks to the team. We are extremely excited to show off the new site and really hope you enjoy browsing it. Check it out at