I moved to Boston, yo!

Boston, MA

This post was originally dated 08/16/2015, at least it was when I created this markdown file and planned to do a post about us moving 2,000 miles from Austin to Boston, MA. It's been over two months now and the title was as far as I ever got. Life has been busy, work has been crazy, and we are exploring a new city.

Just imagine that this was an awesome post that included a heartfelt goodbye to beautiful Austin, Texas, details on why we finally made the choice to move so far away, insight into our adventurous(ish) six day road trip, and finally how awesome our first week (now two+ months) was in this amazing city. It's possible I will revisit this post one day and actually write all that stuff but today is just not that day.

Austin to Boston

Top set of pictures were some of the first we took exploring the area. Bottom set were some from the road trip. If you are in the Boston/New England area, hit me up on twitter. I need more recommendations on where to eat!