Streaming on Twitch

fleeting plays Overwatch

Holy shit, it has been a long time since I've posted around here. I thought I was doing pretty good but realize that I come up with a lot of ideas for posts but never actually write them. Anyways, I've been really getting into streaming on Twitch the past several weeks and that's the point of this post. Streaming is fun and encourages me to play more games...which everybody needs. I'm working on getting a full setup but most of that will come in the coming weeks so for now I'm just streaming from the Xbox One and PS4; most of my time is spent on those anyways. After randomly streaming I figured I should set a schedule moving forward. Weekday mornings I'm going to do a short and casual stream from 6:30am to around 8am EST. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I'll be streaming Minecraft. Tuesday will be Rocket League and Thursday will be Mario Maker. Most weekday evenings I'll be streaming between 7pm and 12am EST. I'll still be streaming randomly on the weekends though. Right now I'm streaming a lot of Overwatch (who isn't?), doing a play through of Guacamelee with the wife, and planning to do some streams with the kids in the future. So, if you are into watching somebody who sucks at most games and yells non stop - follow me on twitch. I'm also archiving the streams and creating "highlights" on YouTube so if that excites you, subscribe to the channel.