i am fleeting


Yo! I guess I should come up with a few things about myself. Born in the '80s, two kids, one wife, two thousand toys, and former superhero. Loves video games which I sometimes stream on Twitch along with YouTube, obsessed with LEGO, into the whole web development thing, dig tabletop games, and wishes I could always be at Disneyland. Currently in Boston, MA by way of Austin, TX.

By day I am the Senior Front End Developer at Monkee-Boy. I started dabbling in web design back in 2001 and quickly became obsessed. In 2003 I realized that I could make a career out of this thing that I loved doing. This led to spending the next five or so years as a freelance designer/developer. Then in 2008 I made the jump away from freelancing with DigiMedia as a designer, Ruby on Rails developer, and WordPress developer. A year later and I made the jump to the client agency world with CRANE | WEST as the senior developer. This let me not only do a wide range of client projects but be creative with social advertising campaigns, develop internal web apps, and have fun doing strategy, editing, and filming TV commercials. It wasn't long after that and we moved from to Austin, Texas where I joined Monkee-Boy. You can find more on my LinkedIn and my Careers 2.0 Profile.

By night I play a lot of video games, build LEGO sets, watch way too much Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter content, and generally bounce around the internet. I play games across a variety of platforms so send me a friends request if you need somebody who sucks on your team or check me out on Twitch.

  • Xbox Live: twofivethreetwo
  • Steam: fleetingftw
  • PSN: fleetingftw
  • Nintendo Network: fleeting
  • 3DS Friend Code: 5456-0494-9678